Bloomsbury UK have recently re-published all my books in paperback. AND I’ve finished The Washingtons

Bloomsbury  UK have recently re-published all my books in paperback, following on from issuing them, in 2012,  as e-books.

AND I’ve finished my new book, The Washingtons: Portrait of a Marriage.

So there is a decided spring in my step. As I walk round Hyde Park with Jay Jay, my yellow  labrador,  and admire the snowdrops and crocuses. Meanwhile, at home  the Bloomsbury  paperbacks look gorgeous on a bookshelf, all four with matching spines. Next to the Bloomsbury paperbacks sit their glamorous  Anchor US  counterparts.


I will try and add a picture, showing  Reggie, my son’s black and white  cat, admiring them all. If that’s not beyond me  – and him.

Just to get rhapsodic, I will add that the ebook cover thumbnails  on my iPad are, to my eye,  bejewelled icons.

Thank you all,  at Bloomsbury and at Anchor, for making my  books available  in print and as e-books, and so delectable in either medium.


HOT NEWS –  for me, at least. I have finished writing The Washingtons: Portrait of a Marriage. And ping it off to Bob at Knopf, to Michael at Bloomsbury and to Peter in Hammersmith- in time for his birthday – on Friday.

Unbelievable – it’s nearly thirty years ago that Beloved Emma, my first book, came out. Thank you, Bob and Peter for sticking with me, and thank you, as ever, Leonora for your meticulous typing.

Not sure when The Washingtons  will come out, but will let you know as soon as I do.

Finally, a very big thank you to my children, whose.support  means a lot to me. If I have been at all ratty during the later stages of this project or even the earlier, I apologise to them.

Cheers, Flora


I am delighted to say that my new publisher, Bloomsbury, has just brought out as e-books all my biographies, one of them originally published as far back as 1986. So available on amazon.co.uk are Beloved Emma: The Life of Emma, Lady Hamilton, The Unruly Queen: The Life of Queen Caroline, Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III and Venus of Empire: The Life of Pauline Bonaparte.

I have not till now written a blog or even read one. But it seemed appropriate to e-thank all those at Bloomsbury who have worked to make this backlist available in an exciting new medium. And of course draw these publications to the attention of anyone out there looking for books about eighteenth century women. They occupied me between them the best part of thirty years and I enjoyed every minute. So I commend them all – strong, fragile, independent,beautiful, intelligent, and frankly bizarre – to your e-attention.

Flora Fraser